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How to start the freelancer life? Tricks for customer acquisition
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Gábor Soltész-Kéri
Online marketing specialist | Front-end developer
How to start the freelancer life? Tricks for customer acquisition
I work as a full time online marketing specialist. I love it, but to be honest, it doesn’t give me enough. That’s why I started learning front-end development a year ago and winking at “freelancing”.

My goal isn’t necessarily to change my entire career, as I have many years of experience behind me, that I wouldn’t throw in the trash.

What is missing from marketing, however, is the "skilled" part. To create something, that has a finished end result, that I can show someone that

"Look, I did this, so and so ..."

I already have a lot of these in my portfolio, which I really enjoy: sollabong.com

The point is, for the time being, I wink at “freelance” next to full-time, and then we’ll see if it turns out I choose total “freedom”.

I’ve read a lot on the subject and talked to a lot of people about it, so now I’ll share with you a few tips, that might come in handy, if you choose the freelancer path:

1. Find your market

One of the hardest things about working as a freelancer is finding the balance between what you love to do and what you get paid for. Be sure to keep this in mind when you get started.

2. Start building your portfolio

If you listen to me, in addition to your current job.

It takes time to build a freelancer job. The first period is to prepare, for which you need to complete the following tasks:

Creating a portfolio website

Gaining followers and professional communication on social media sites

Build a network - first and foremost in your environment to find your first customers

Writing template contracts

Select software for invoicing, project and time management, for example

Build your own marketing

Not a little departure, right? Therefore, I recommend that you try to work full time for the first 1-2 years and build your freelance career as a subsidiary.

Lots of work, but in the long run, it’s worth it if you are looking for "freedom".

3. First customers

Finding the first few customers is hard, VERY MUCH. Here are some creative ways you can find them:

Look for jobs that cover the sector you want to work in and apply for them. Yes, at first it doesn’t seem logical, since that’s exactly what you want to get rid of the squirrel wheel.


If everything goes well, they even offer you a job, ask them to work for them at project level. You build your portfolio, you can stay independent and keep working if they like this construction too.

By the same logic, you can visit agencies that work for big brands. These jobs will show up pretty well in your portfolio, believe me.

Look around next door. Are there people in your circle of acquaintances for whom you would create a website?
Go up to Google Maps. See what businesses / shops are in your area. Make them an offer to pimp their site. Did you know that nearly 60% of websites are not optimized for mobile at all? Make theirs optimized.

If you’re lucky, or you’re negotiating skillfully, you can start making money right away, but if you’re doing it as a favor to build your portfolio, the most important thing is:

Ask them for their opinion, recommendation.

4. How do you price yourself?

Well that's probably one of the hardest parts.

"Dare I ask a lot or do I take down the prices, just choose me?"

NEVER underestimate yourself. It will be very difficult to get out of this trap and your profession will be devalued as well.

If you’re the cheapest, you might think it’s because you don’t work well.

Your goal is to earn better, so why work more for less?

5. Learn to say no

Everywhere you were expected to: follow the rules and adapt. However, as a freelancer, you are given the freedom to say NO.

I do not undertake this work

I don't take it for that

You don't want to work with you

I do not like this

These are magic words that are a must use if you want to be a successful freelancer.

Perhaps most importantly, if you choose this path:

NEVER stop learning.

Knowledge is power, isn't it?


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